Sunday, January 13, 2013

About this blog

I created and maintain the tools on  I wanted someplace where I could document how the different parts of the site work, and so I decided to make this blog.  I thought I would go with the blog approach because it would allow other people the ability to respond and hopefully supplement what I post.

There are multiple generic p2p forums and discussion groups out there and I am not trying to make this blog into another one.  My goal is to create a single consolidated place for documentation on how the tools on work and to have a place where I can keep people updated on how they are changing.


  1. Love your site......very helpful. Any thought to adding the "amount borrowed" as a statiscal category. I would be curious if my defaults are to those who borrow $20k vs. $4k

  2. As I added breakdowns for more and more categories the results page got so large I divided it into two pages. The "amount borrowed" category exists, but I call it "Loan Amount" and it is on Page 2 of the results breakdown. You can also filter your searches on loan amount if you want even more granular breakdowns.