Monday, May 27, 2013

Migration to the new Prosper API underway

I started working a major rewrite of awhile ago, but I have not had enough free time to really get that project completed.  Since the search data has not been updated for a few weeks (ever since Prosper shut off the legacy API) I decided to take a minor detour and get the Loan Analysis section of the website working again using the new API so that the site would at least be functional until I can find more free time to finish up the larger rewrite.

To that end I created a data conversion tool that does a best fit conversion of the data from the new API into a format similar to the old API.  There are some changes in how data is represented and even in what data is provided in the new API vs the old API so it isn't a perfect fit.  Some of the calculations had to change to use what data was available and some of the search fields won't function correctly any more since I can't recreate parts of the data.  I have also not updated the "active listings" tab of the Loan Analysis tool to use the new API, so that is not returning any results yet either.

Hopefully this update makes at least somewhat useful again until I can finish up my rewrite and start introducing new tools that will replace the Previously Late loan tool and add some new functionality.


  1. Great news Rocco. Really appreciate the efforts you are putting in here.

  2. As a fellow developer, I appreciate it too.

    Has any way come about to replace the historical data feed lost when Prosper pulled bid data for "privacy reasons?"