Sunday, June 16, 2013

Download your note list

I have added a new feature to allow you to download a listing of your notes through the Prosper API.  You can then use these lists of notes on the Loan Analysis or the Previously Late Loans tools to help manage your portfolio.

Currently the download feature is only capturing newly originated loans.  Loans bought/sold on Folio are not being taken into account.  This mimics how the tools used to work when looking at the previously public bid data.

To add notes:

Once you sign in to Prosper-Stats, your email address will display on the top left of the page next to the Sign Out link.  You can click your email address to go to your profile page.  This page will show you information on any note lists you have downloaded and provide you a link to download notes from Prosper.

You will need to enter your username and the password for the API (which should be different then the password you log in to the website with) to download notes.  You will have to come back to this page and re-enter your username and password in order to refresh your note list.

I am not saving passwords:

At this time I am not saving anybody's password.  I am only saving the list of notes.  Once I update my security model I will provide an option where you can choose to save your password to facilitate automatic updating.  Until then, you will have to manually enter your username and password every time you wish to refresh your list of notes.

Activating the Prosper API for your account:

In order to use the Prosper API you have to have it turned on.  You can do this by logging into Prosper's Website and going to "My Account"->"Settings" Then clicking the "Edit" link on the API box.   You can also try and follow this direct link.  You have the option of making your Prosper API account read only.  If you are not currently bidding on loans with the API then I would recommend you do so as an added measure of security.  (And if you are really paranoid, change your API password immediately after downloading your note listing into Prosper-Stats.)  DO NOTE MAKE YOUR API PASSWORD THE SAME AS THE WEB LOGIN PASSWORD.


  1. Der Rocco, thanks so much for continuing to put yoru work into this. Prosper-stats has always been the best third-party tool for Propser, and with adjustements to the new API can hopefully become that again.

    Quick question. After I downloaded my notes through the Prosper API, why is it that on the Loans Analysis page I get different results when I enter my prosper alias in Investor screen name, compared to when I leave this field empty. All the downloaded notes are only under my screename and no other, so it shouldn't make a difference? Thanks for clarifying.

    1. The investor screen name field filters the results based on the legacy bid data, which only has information through Feb 2013. I left this so people could look through the old bid data. This is not directly related to your downloaded notes which come from the API. If you used both the new drop down for downloaded notes as well as the investor screen name the two filters would both be applied and you would only see your notes through Feb 2013 since those are the only notes that match both the downloaded data and the legacy bid data.

      You want to use the downloaded notes list drop down and leave the investor screen name field blank to look through all of your portfolio once you have downloaded notes. This will give you the most up to date view of your portfolio.

      I will eventually remove the investor screen name field and the legacy bid data which should simplify things, but for now I know some people are still using it, so I have not removed it yet.

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